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Jiangsu GTAKE Electric Co., Ltd., as a China leading and professional low and medium voltage variable frequency drive VFD manufacturer, is committed to R&D, production and sales of industrial AC motor drives (AC motor drive is also known as variable frequency drive, AC drives, VFD, frequency inverter, variable speed drive and so on), servo drives, new energy vehicle motor controllers, wind power converters, solar converters, etc. GTAKE is dedicated to providing first-rated AC drives and system solutions derived from our internationalized technology platform, for medium and high-end customers worldwide. TI?s latest DSP and Infineon 4th Generation IGBT and other high-quality components are used to guarantee high performance, excellent robustness and high cost-efficiency of GTAKE Variable Speed Drives. Also, our AC drives not only pass CE and ISO9001:2008 certificates, but also have built-in C3 filter conforming to RoHS standard. Therefore, our AC motor drives are also characterized as environmental friendly and energy-saving features. GTAKE brand is now looking for dealers, distributors, and wholesalers for China high quality & high performance variable frequency drives. As an AC drive producers for over 6 years, we have successfully developed our hot-sale variable speed drives GK500 Mini Series AC Motor Drives GK600 Sensorless Vector Control VFD GK800 Closed-loop Vector Control Variable Frequency Drives GK1000 AFE AC Drives ES101 Series for Injection Molding Machines Dedicated Frequency Inverters for Constant Pressure Water Supply Solar Water Pump VFD with MPPT Dedicated AC Motor Speed Controller for hoist and crane Dedicated AC Drives for elevator and lift ??????? We are looking forward to cooperation with customers all over the world.
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